Taurus Hates Panties

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Video Description: Taurus is kinda a big slut who loves being in public in a short dress and no panties! BST made her public sex dreams come true.

Just Like The "Pics", This Is A "Good Video" Too;-O!!!
2012-01-03 08:26
goddamn that's a hot twat!
2011-10-06 00:37
we want more so much more.
2011-10-01 17:38
i love her lips
2011-09-26 02:07
Taurus is always wonderful :)
2011-09-23 20:14
Totally hot!
2011-09-23 18:21
My beautiful Taurus! I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU :D
2011-09-22 21:17
Short skirts and no panties...it might just be the greatest combination since someone decided to add chocolate to milk. And yet, as much as I loved the worm's eye view that revealed Taurus' tasty cookie nestled between those creamy thighs, the thing about this video that really made me melt were the shots of Taurus' beautiful face. Oh, how I envy the man that gets to wake up to that sweet sight every day for the rest of his life... ;)
2011-09-22 17:43
yessss!!! I have been waiting to see this! lovelovelove!
2011-09-22 17:24
agreed best into ever. simply spectacular
2011-09-22 13:41
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