Necro Nicki Double Penetrated

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Video Description: Dirty girl Necro Nicki has a special craving today. She wants - no, DEMANDS - two cocks inside of her! She warmed herself up for her 'two daddies' Mr. Pete and John Strong by sticking her fingers in her ass and pussy. They made her get on her knees and suck and gag on their thick cocks, switching. She likes being smacked around and having her hair pulled like a bad girl - they're taking good care of her. It's for Necro's well-being. She's very thankful for the dicks bestowed upon and stuffed into her her pussy and pretty pink butthole. A double stuffed girl is a happy girl - and Necro is *so* happy to be stimulated in both her little whore fuck holes at the same time. She gets a double-load cum shower as a reward for being such a good slut!

Great to see such enthusiastic new talent. Love seeing her expression as she was getting DP'd! I hope you have a Long career in porn Necro Nikki. You were born for the business!
2015-03-19 07:55
With your support I will! I just want to get DP'd again so bad :*
2015-03-20 01:51
Fucking love this hott bitch!
2015-01-25 23:14
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