My Killer Girlfriend - Part 4

Video Description: Katrina Jade and Aaron came by and the gang decided to play a game as they dismissed and laughed off secret psycho killer Carmen's suggestion that their missing friends were all dead. In a silly round of 'Never Have I Ever,' it was discovered both Joanna and Katrina's significant others have had orgies! As a bunch of adults chugging water with perfect pH levels discussing group sex goes, things naturally progressed into a frenzied fuckfest between curious horny friends! Hydration makes a big difference! Just one question remains: who makes it out of this sex party alive?!

Katrina Jade is top notch pussy and ass. Fuck her in the ass, please.
2017-11-20 12:21
I actually skipped ahead to see how this ended.  Fun movie!
2017-10-28 14:35
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