Killer Kleavage From Outer Space - Episode 4

Video Description: Areolites Vyxen Steel and Veronica Rose were enjoying their 'working vacation' poolside in the sun, popping bottles and gossiping about all the Earth dicks that keep dying. Agents Michael Vegas and Mr. Pete were about, hearing reports of being infiltrated by alien beings who appear to be women with abnormally large breasts. Pete was a skeptic until they happened upon these two, recklessly shooting ray guns into the sky. The men in black knew they shouldn't, but how often do you get to fuck a two girls at once, make them squirt, pound their asses, or DP, let alone one girl, let alone from outer space?! Never. #YOLO.

This could be problematic." You guys love the Mass Effect nod :D   I love this scene, ladies and gents! Excelsior job!
2015-03-02 13:05
Amazing. I love this entire movie.
2015-02-26 15:20
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