Gym Class Zeroes

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Video Description: Punk brat students Kelsi Lynn and Kacie Castle couldn't believe the fascists at their school were making them get a gym tutor. They had NO intention of going outside, exercising and sweating, or giving their physical education teacher Prince Yahsua an easy time in teaching them a proper lesson. Prince knew these girls were going to graduate on their own terms, so he asked what kind of physical activity they enjoyed doing. Well, these two girls like to fuck! You know, a REAL work out. Uses the most body parts and stuff! He couldn't disagree with that. They got quite a personal training.
1 comment

OMG ... WOW ... This is so beautiful. Thank you so much Kelsi and Kacie.
2 beautiful girls. Please come back soon .... I absolutely love this update.
Keep up the great work Burning Angel. Like I said before ... I will be a 
customer for life .... Thank you.
2016-09-04 07:56
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