Goth Teen Nymphos : Ivy Wolfe

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Starring Owen Gray, Ivy Wolfe
Video Description: Goth teen nympho Ivy Wolfe went crazy for cock and balls and landed herself in the sexy insane asylum! Her straitjacket could barely restrain her attempts to play with her pussy seeking orgasms any way she could. Orderly Owen Gray tried to give her medicine, but the uncooperative patient spat it back at him, requesting his dick instead. In here, sex really is the best treatment if it would get her to calm down and be a good girl! She ravenously slurped up his manmeat and he released her restraints, allowing her to go wild and take her pounding. He understands what this nymphomaniac needs and will have Ivy howling in no time!

holy. shit.
2018-12-25 13:55
Damn, mere words can not fully express the beautiful intensity that is the Wolfe. She brings it to every scene she does, no holds barred. I feel bad for her co-stars who continually fail to keep up with her, of course not many could. Ivy is becoming a true legend.
2018-09-21 13:08
This scene was crazy
2018-09-20 00:23
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