First Timer Necro Nicki

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Video Description: We at BurningAngel had the privilege of filming Necro Nicki's first porno shoot ever! I was very excited to see this pretty metal chick get pounded by Seth Gamble, and she was pumped for strangers to watch her cunt get filled! She's SO CUTE and the dirty talk that comes out of her mouth - begging for cock, harder and harder.. She's truly an insatiable, down-to-fuck slut! Welcome, Nicki! Brava!

Death Head
Great video dude, cracking arse! I see you like death metal , check out my death metal band from Belfast, Zombified.
2014-07-12 19:01
Brutal band man !!  \M/
2014-09-26 02:27
Dr. Love
You are just so awesome Nicki !!  This was the best Friday night just kickin' it at home waiting to see you.  Got me some beer and just had a great time with you.  I love the whole intro and I think I was just as nervous for you as Joanna was hahaha !!  You look gorgeous and the outfit was perfect even though you had it on for all two minutes hahaha !  Even though it's your first video, it's gonna be a great adventure watching you grow in this venture and I'm proud and glad you did it.  You are a total pro !!  Nothing but props to you and can't wait to see you at one of Burning Angels Events soon.  Talk to you soon and again, Fantastic job !!! XOXOXO XXX  
Your friend, 
2014-07-12 04:05
<333 Thank you Dr. Love !!
2014-07-12 12:31
Dr. Love
I can't wait until your first video drops on Saturday !  It's the most anticipated video I've waited for and you have my vote for Best New Porn Actress !!  You're gorgeous, have an awesome personality and you have a smokin' killer body and you freakin' Rock !!
2014-07-10 14:58
I can't wait for this one! I'm so jealous!!
2014-07-10 02:48
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