Very Adult Wednesday Addams - One Night Stand

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Video Description: Ophelia Rain stars as Wednesday Addams in this episode of our Adult Wednesday Addams parody. Our gorgeously creepy braided goth girl had a one night fuck session with Xander Corvus - and he was hooked. It wasn't the ritual sacrifice she was hoping for, but she'd take it. Xander begged for her number - she wouldn't give in, however, she would have rough anal sex with him again right then and wouldn't kill him. She wanted to have his dick again before she died - and demanded he shut up and give her his cock. She enjoyed being dominated and slapped around, but don't kid yourselves - she was in charge the whole time even while getting face-fucked into oblivion. He still didn't get that number.

Love it!
2015-06-19 18:44
sadjhgasiuhdiuosdhgf I LOVE THIS. also i see now how all the marks came to be... hahaha
2015-06-17 01:16
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