I Know Who You Fucked Last Halloween - Part 2 - Ivy Lebelle

Video Description: Recalling the horrifying events from the Halloween prior, Ivy Lebelle was feeling kind of in a funk and not really in the mood to go out, just wanting to get through her clients for the day. And when she least expected it, her first client Steve damn near spooked her out of her panties when he pranked her jumping behind her wearing a creepy mask! Steve's lucky he's one of Ivy's favorites. Getting down to business after he kissed and licked her ass, they deeply and ravenously sucked and fucked their way to orgasm. Covered in sweat and cum, Ivy was in need of a shower while Steve took a nap... but when she got out, there was a strange message on the mirror. Was Steve at it again?

love the scene! i'm sure there are a lot of people with a heel fetish but these scenes would be sooo hot (and a little more realistic) without the shoes on
2018-10-29 03:30
Ivy Lebelle has the hottest body in porn currently, in my opinion.
2018-10-19 16:05
So stunning and a amazing performer. Without doubt my favorite girl. Love Ivy and her work. 2018 is the "Year Of Ivy" MarkJess
2018-10-17 08:02
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