Cum On My Tattoo - Saya Song

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Video Description: Studious Saya Song came home from class where she learned about an ancient slutty tradition called Cum On My Tattoo, with which her pals Owen Gray and Will Havoc were familiar. She explained there's lots of penises involved. Makes sense, that's where you get the jizz! Plus has a couple holes and tricks that are good for making them orgasm, AND tattoos. Talk about doing your homework! Saya took the pair of curious cocks at both ends, and this full service slut was eager to have her ass and pussy stuffed at the same time till they came all over her ink. I bet their double load tastes like an A+
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Absolutely loved this. Saya is amazing and looked fantastic in that cute outfit! The double team was super intense and well done!
2018-02-27 21:30
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