Amelia Dire BDSM

Video Description: If you don't like the sound of Steve Holmes and I dominating our submissive sex slave Amelia Dire, turn back now. Amelia is a good girl, she waited so patiently for us to arrive home - and she consents and loves to be used and abused by us, her masters, in every orifice. I sunk my teeth into her perky young tits and she let out a whimper - get it together already, baby! What may seem like pain brings our girl with a highly sensitive clit much pleasure. If she doesn't suck it up, she's gonna get burned - literally. Get on your knees and worship my ass now, Amelia! We're going to make your mascara run.

I thought it was excellent, of course I like whatever your involved in , Joanna. Great scene
2017-06-15 17:52
that guy is a legend- and an expert in these kinds of scenes. the intensity level wouldn't have been the same had I hired anyone else. plus, this is for a movie titled "milfs old men and young whores" - a concept I thought was pretty hot ;)
2016-02-22 21:03
Would have been much better without the geriatric male star.
2016-02-20 23:08
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