BTS Episode 28

Video Description: We get silly with Arabelle Raphael, watch Chelsea Grinds do her shoot like a boss, meet Necro Nicki her first day on set, and you get a tour of my latest tattoos in this behind the scenes clip!

Another fun set that I wish I could've been in on. Looks like a good time!
2014-08-19 20:06
it was :)
2016-09-16 00:02
I have to admit, I love the behind the scenes footage. Sure, I love seeing beautiful and awesome ladies "getting naked and doing dirty things", but I like to see the intimate portraiture of the people (especially the ladies) involved in the filming. As a hopeless romantic nerd, I really like to get an inside look and get a feel for the personalities and fun these ladies have between all the "action". I'm a sucker for smiles and mind sex so it impacts me so much more than the physical sex does. I just hope one day I can actually run into some of these ladies and hold an actual nerdy conversation because they're all too awesome to not get to know! Keep up the awesomeness and bringing the awesome ladies to the forefront! And thanks for letting us get to have a little inside look. It's really fucking cool, to say the least.
2014-08-13 08:43
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