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Last online: 2011-03-07
Sex: Female
Age: 24
Height: 5'5
Sign: Aquarius
Location: Inland Empire, the '909' if ya know ;)
Occupation: flirt
Ink/Metal: Ink: angel wings on back, right side from armpit to hip, it has a butterfly with a bullit body, a gold pirate skull with jewels and crossed daggers, some background to connect it all. stomach piece/ upper thigh piece, it says sinner in a heart in the middle then 2 roses, some wings going up my stomach, some webs, 2 tribal skulls extending down near the top of my thigh, crown on my left wrist, working on a right sleeve; a geisha lookin chick with horns, japenese fan with eyes, bat with key, my forearm has a zombie lookin chick in robes holding a heart with horns and evol written in a banner on my wrist. got my elbow done with a fleur de lis and crossbones, my ditch has a name in a banner with some flowers around it, sleeve's almost done yay-ya :) just got my stomach done from below my belly button up to between my boobies, it's a black and grey banner swirling down my stomach that says sworn to fun, loyal to none... and oh ya, lastly i have some cute boys name tattooed on my ass cheek :) Metal: monroe, nose, upper and lower belly button, tongue, tongue web, tragus, ears.... sadly took most of them out because of a stay in the pokey but i managed to shove a few of em back in, they'll all be back soon enough
Scars/Birthmarks: i had surface piercings done on what i believe is known as the sex muscle? that sexy one that points from your stomach down to your hoo-ha? the scars are mostly covered by tatts now... i'm kinda a tomboy so i'm covered in scars from playing too rough :)
Music: Queen, Avenged Sevenfold, Mest, Good Charlotte, Killswith Engage, Elvis Costello, Johnny Cash, musicals like Rent and Wicked and Hairspray, the Ataris, Smile Empty Soul, The Beatles, Stonesour, Rise Against, Slipknot, 5 finger death punch, tiger army..
TV: project runway, top chef, gossip girl, anything on A and E, court tv, discovery health channel
Movies: boondock saints, virgin suicides, baby boy, spun, office space, rent, anchorman, eurotrip, secretary, american beauty, girl.
Video Games: NO!!! and i will not date a guy who puts on that stupid headset and talks shit to 12 yr olds online instead of paying me attention.
Food: any kind of mexican food is my fave, sushi is always too good and if you live in the area you know all about In N' Out, carbs, carbs, carbs! i'm a vegetarian and i've heard that a vegetarian diet makes you taste better... you know, all your body fluids taste sweeter :) i haven't eaten meet for 10 years so i'm sweet as sugar... so i've been told ;)
Hobbies: trolling for boys, playing dress up, gossiping with the girls over drinks, bbqing by the pool on warm so cal days, camera phone photoshoots, reading in bed, spending quality time with my doggy, texting, cooking, working on my novel, learning about car stuff, working on my supercharged z28 camaro project, watching shows about murders, crime, obesity and death, mental illnesses, rollin with the homies, going to shows, drinkin, casual sex...
Books: just read some cheeseball stuff like the nanny diaries and gossip girl, oh and an oprah book club read haha called drowning ruth. oh and we cant forget the newest and last harry potter book! i'll miss that boy :( nothing the least bit educational or informative but i have one of those barns and noble discount cards so i read everything! just read the novel that they made the movie 21 from, a biography on johnny cash and where the heart is... my recommendations are the lovely bones and how to make love like a porn star.
Best Time: Quick and passionate.. i'm like a guy, a good solid 20 minutes taking advantage of my body and then a nap.
Fantasy: someone who is not intimidated by me would rock my world!
Favorite Position: depends on the dick, whichever one hits the G spot
Masturbation Material: I have a very vivid imagination so usually i can close my eyes and drum something up.
I Have A Crush On: i met both my crushes since my first set posted, tony from mest and those sexy boys from good charlotte so i dont know who's on my mind these days. who am i kidding, they're still my fave boys :) neck tattoos make me weak in the knees, i love tough boys who arent afraid to wear eyeliner, but please no emo fags who want to borrow my true religions and flat iron, i need a boy who can defend my honor if some drunk asshole disrespects me.
Perfect Match: like i said, neck tattoos make me weak in the knees, i like them tall, well built, someone who is tough but will worship me and open doors, has his own style, i love boys in fedoras, i love a boy who knows how to fix things, i am turned on by the smell of a boy who has been working on my car all day and smells like motor oil, sweat, beer and ciggerettes mmmmm :) but not a meathead, he needs to be well spoken and intelligent as well.... horsepower turns me on.
First Time: Akward and not at all like they portrayed it in the movies.
Drink: jack n coke, tequila and beer
Smoke: yes... parliament lights
Bad Habits: parliament lights :) i'm painfully shy and have horribly low self esteem... we'll stop there, i could go on and on...
Where I Hang Out: friend's houses
Favorite Burning Angel: Adahlia <3
Why I Am A Burning Angel: I met Joanna and she is absolutely amazing and convinced me that this was a match made in heaven.

you baddest thang in here.! you my babymomma.! lol. more vids boo.! you the one im payn money fo
2010-01-25 16:24
you are too hot
2009-12-12 20:18
Nice Vid Stranger ;)
2009-07-29 02:15
I cant wait to see more of you....
2008-11-20 04:48
you're like the perfect woman, from the limited amount of information provided, except for the affinity for good charlotte. they should kill themselves
2008-08-27 13:01
yes, lovely girl, and that body is amazing. what w-wouldnt do to see more!
2008-06-06 01:08
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