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Status: “wheres a bitch boy to give u head when u need one?”
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Last online: 2013-01-17
Sex: Female
Age: 19
Height: 5ft 0 inches
Sign: Virgo
Location: california
Occupation: professional tent pitcher
Ink/Metal: i have a half sleeve of flowers of various kinda all in color with no hard outlines.they are all exotic and rare types of flowers.i also have a skull with bat wings on my chest with an Oi! symbol in it. i have a angel with wings with a heart under it on the inside of my arm for a family member of mine that died.i have a koi fish on my right hip and on my left arm i have a punk version of a pin up girl with words under neath saying rumble.for piercings i have 8 of them tongue,snakebites,industrial,rook, and my ears are gauged
Scars/Birthmarks: i have a tiny birth mark on my right thigh in the shape of a rain drop.
Music: i love all kinds of music but mostly im into old school punk like the misfits,the adicts,fear,dead Kennedy,and the germs.but i also like alot of industrial ,and techno like house and trance.
TV: dont watch much tv but i like old school cartoons like pink panther and ren n stimpy
Movies: party monster,half baked,fear and loathing in los vegas, slc punk and pulp fiction
Video Games: i dont play video games
Food: i love to cook so usually im creating something yummy,but im a pescatarian, which means i dont eat meat just fish.
Hobbies: getting tattooed,going skateboarding,going to the beach,going to concerts and punk shows.
Books: iv read all of the true blood series books they are awesome and i also like ann rice books
Fantasy: i have a thing for dead guys tehehe
Favorite Position: its a tie between doggy and being on top
I Have A Crush On: dane cross
Drink: not very often im more of a smoker
Smoke: every day all day
Bad Habits: not being interested in a guy and stop talking to him after a few days.
Where I Hang Out: where ever the day takes me i am there
Why I Am A Burning Angel: cuz i got what it takes and i dont give a fuckkkk

Please! More Tara!
2013-05-19 00:05
You are so punk rock I love it! And your lip piercings are damn sexy!
2013-04-05 20:25
Love your scenes Tara you are so hot. Love that ass of yours x x
2012-12-26 05:00
The stairway pics are fucking hot...but then again, it is you. How could they not be?
2012-11-19 19:48
your pussy could be displayed in an art gallery!
2012-09-25 18:52
You're perfect for me! I love you!
2012-08-30 16:15
Awesome you have a new scene up. I've been waiting for a new scene from you.
2012-07-21 10:13
Finally new pics of you :) I love all of them... you're looking so super-sexy =) seems you need a special license when you're sparkling with so much sexual energy that everything around you is set on fire and bound to explode all the time... at least that's what happened here while watching all your burning hot pics :)) but don't worry, I'm ready and willing to catch a lot more fire and explosions from you ;))
2012-06-18 15:52
when do we get to see your new movies?
2012-06-07 15:27
Tara, you are so sweet, sexy and beautiful ... definitely one of the hottest girls on BA!
2012-06-05 17:53
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