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Status: “we're all insane”
Views: 84753
Last online: 2016-11-12
Sex: Male
Age: 32
Height: big
Sign: Scorpio
Location: Brooklyn
Occupation: ummmmmm
Ink/Metal: Tattoo
Scars/Birthmarks: My face
Music: Moz, Misfits, Hot Snakes, Slayer, Murder City Devils, Rocket From The Crypt, Death From Above, Magnetic Fields, Jawbreaker, American Steel, Sleater-Kinney, The Pixies etc
TV: Arrested Development, Lost (seasons 1-3), Shameless, The Wire, Breaking Bad, Party Down, Mad Men
Movies: Good Fellas, Casino, Role Models, Breakfast Club, Mad Max (all 3), The Squid And The Whale
Video Games: MORTAL KOMBAT! Wii Golf, Medal of Honor:Frontline
Food: Hummus, shitty chinese take out, steamed veggies, garlic sauce, avocados, soy crisps, Sushi (eel avocado, alaska roll, yellowtail, spicy tuna), cashews, banana chips, Mike & Ike's, Swedish Fish, Jelly Beans, Salad, a good burger medium rare, water (2 ice cubes tops)
Hobbies: Chillin, Reading, Eating, Death
Books: a few
Fantasy: To be with Jojo and Judy at the same time
I Have A Crush On: jojo
Perfect Match: reads, eats , watches good movies/shows, mildy insane and stays in on Friday nights.
First Time: Virgin
Drink: whiskey
Smoke: possibly
Bad Habits: I run a porn company
Where I Hang Out: I don't
Favorite Burning Angel: chyea

2014-08-06 14:28
Mitch, dude, that worked. Changed the site on me again, huh? Lol. Good ole Mitch - Rutgers Alumni.
2013-05-17 13:54
Hey text me my membership expires today
2013-02-05 13:19
Mitch: What is the mailing address for BA? I'm wanting to send Joanna a birthday card. Thanks.
2012-11-18 15:02
hay Mitch, sent a friend request but no love :( do i stink?
2012-10-22 12:37
Actually, I just noticed it's not on any of the girls' pages. :(
2012-08-18 15:40
Hey Mitch, can you add the link for School of Black Cock on my page? I know I'm not on the cover, but I'm still in the movie. ;)
2012-08-18 15:37
If you remember, remind me to talk to you about scheduling a cam show for August tomorrow :)
2012-07-18 23:05
hey! it was great seeing you at exxxotica chicago for year 2. my boyfriend and I think you're the greatest. we missed you at grandbar though!! maybe another time c:!!
2012-07-18 11:45
It was an absolute pleasure meeting you. I'll buy you a drink anytime.
2012-07-15 12:12
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