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Status: “YOGA PANTS. imagine the possibilities ”
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Last online: 2013-01-28
Sex: Female
Age: ripe. tight.
Height: 5'1
Sign: LEO
Location: los angeles, california
Occupation: human being, day dreamer, sex film newbie. piercing apprentice/ tattoo counter broad.
Ink/Metal: constant tattoo flow, daft punk, werewolf, alexander the greats helmet, octopus. i have my anti-eyebrow and tummy pierced.
Scars/Birthmarks: you can't see my scars.
Music: HORSE the band, irepress, jedi mind tricks,gogol bordello daft punk, crystal castles,emmure,david bowie,through the eyes of the dead, atmosphere, after the burial, gorillaz, empire of the sun, he is legend, modest mouse, the mars volta, thrice, armin van buuren, miles davis, james blake, veil of maya, winds of plague,
TV: adult swim, planet earth, hbo, history channel, food network, espn
Movies: troy, gentlemen prefer blondes, how to marry a millionaire, centurion, cleopatra.
Video Games: dead nation,borderlands, god of war, mass effect, tekken, street fighter, mvc, mortal kombat, final fantasy, uncharted, deus ex.
Food: everything, especially noodles and spicy. sushi, enchiladas, thanksgiving dindin.
Hobbies: books,games, daydreaming about sex scenarios, hiking, swimming, videogames, battle of the wits.
Books: i will read whatever people suggest.
Best Time: i had alot of fun taking it in my ass. but the best time is yet to come.
Fantasy: being a DOM. to lucky asian fellas round the world.pretty mach imagination is my fuel. also i love being watched while i shower up.
Favorite Position: bent over any object, or on the bottom with legs up. being choked & eye contact are top notch
Masturbation Material: you tell me, i love imagination. also i have yellowbone syndrome. asian men.yumyumyum.
I Have A Crush On: keni styles, danny wylde, jessie lee, matt maly, krissie dee,bill hader, sofivondoom, byung hun lee
Perfect Match: i have asian fever. yellow bone ftw. a tattoo fiend, good humor, can keep up with my pace.
Drink: no thank you. im the DD.
Smoke: occasional green fever.
Bad Habits: i swear like a sailor. i swallow like a bird.
Where I Hang Out: anywhere i am going.
Favorite Burning Angel: joanna angel, krissie dee, veruca, twix, aria rae. all them hoes
Why I Am A Burning Angel: im a muse. im enticed by all the burning angel ladies. men. all of you

We need to get Mariah back. No other like her
2017-06-17 04:25
Mariah; you've made my cost of membership worth it with just one video. I luv u, please don't stop doing this and staying sweet & get the respect you deserve while doing it. You're my gfe fantasy I want to invite for a video or photoshoot with my savings, over any girl so far & yes; I peruse more than a few.. >=D Thank you for sharing with the world hun.. omg, thankyu
2014-12-28 09:21
I can't believe i have only just found out about you..  you are absolutely gorgeous!
2013-10-04 14:18
One of my new fav girls!
2012-09-16 02:06
thanx for the add sweet. can't wait for your next confession. have some laughs!!
2012-09-10 16:05
Happy Birthday!!! Hope you'll have a wonderful day =) Wishing you all the best and may all of your dreams and wishes come true =D Cheers for a marvelous lady!!!
2012-07-26 05:51
I wish I was Asian....
2012-06-29 02:52
you are special
2012-06-18 05:14
I just fall in love with you
2012-06-17 04:20
Its all good baby cakes, i hope you are doing great!!
2012-06-08 10:00
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