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Status: “If you can touch one person today - let it be yourself.”
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Last online: 2018-02-13
Name: Kara Pond aka Jennie
Sex: Female
Age: 33
Height: 5'4
Sign: Leo
Location: the dark side of the moon
Occupation: Muse
Ink/Metal: I have both of those. I'd maybe like to have more of those.
Scars/Birthmarks: scars on both my knees because i'm good at falling and also getting hit by cars.
Music: Soft, loud, erratic, surprising, classic.. Anything that moves me. Eclectic indie, electro, thumping beats and thrashy angst driven alternative... Brand New, Glassjaw, Portugal. The Man, Bjork, Cibo Matto, Sunny Day Real Estate, Lana Del Rey, Lorde, Janelle Monae, Star Slinger, Childish Gambino, Crystal Castles, David Bowie, Yelle, The Doors, Pink Floyd, Bear McCreary and Broadway showtunes. I am happy to be all over the place. Eat a dick.
TV: Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, Dexter, How It's Made, Cosmos, Master Chef, Broad City, You're the Worst
Movies: Dead Alive, Grandma's Boy, Moonrise Kingdom
Video Games: Borderlands series, Katamari series, Little Big Planet series, Guild Wars 2, Super Smash Bros, any game that allows me to button mash effectively, like Castlevania Judgement
Food: If it looks like a bug, I won't eat it. Everything else goes in my mouth, especially if you are a lobster taco. Update - I actually thought about how bug-like lobsters look, so, if they look like a bug that *doesn't* resemble a lobster, I won't eat it.
Hobbies: INTERNET, gardening, thinking about stuff while walking (dangerous), video gaming, sarcasm, tabletop and card games like Munchkin
Books: The Perks of Being A Wallflower, Haunted
Best Time: Nunya.
Fantasy: Butt stuff on Satan's throne.
Favorite Position: Depends on the partner
Masturbation Material: Mr. Torque Flexington
I Have A Crush On: Veronica Layke!!
Perfect Match: vagina - meet Mr. Left and Mr. Right
First Time: was lame.
Drink: SoCal craft beers, gin and tonic, malbec
Smoke: herb
Bad Habits: Turning into a lump when I'm unhappy. And sarcasm.
Where I Hang Out: not on Long Island
Favorite Burning Angel: you can't ask me this question.
Why I Am A Burning Angel: because I like it in the butt sometimes?

You really have nice pictures
2017-03-20 07:24
oh hi <3 you are cutes and i miss your face already xo
2015-02-04 22:16
any chance to meet some of the angels someday? You should start a date lottery ;)
2014-12-02 22:48
You should consider coming to one of the many adult conventions we attend each year, like AEE/AVN in Las Vegas!
2015-01-03 14:27
I really, really adore you. That is all.
No, I really, really adore you!
2014-06-11 16:44
I really, really adore you. That is all.
2014-05-27 14:34
Looks like I'm going to have to do this this way, since neither you or Joanna seem to have any kind of PM inbox available.  I'd like to become a contributor to the Words section of the website.  I'm a self-published writer (www.wyrdwaysrs.com - I edited all the reviews and wrote a few of them - anything credited to Wyrd Ways Rock Show is mine), and also have a pseudonym of Quentin Cholmondely-Silverstone for automotive stuff.  My main passion is Metal, which is why I've been podcasting and writing about it for years.  On this site, I find myself amongst people of a similar mind, which doesn't happen very often!
Thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope you'll be interested enough to at least take a look.
2014-03-05 10:14
We are not looking for contributors for that, sorry.
2014-04-28 16:16
Ah well.  No harm in asking.  Thanks for replying (and sorry it took so long to notice!).
2014-05-31 12:28
you're MUCH too pretty to not have a gallery session on here!  would love to hear more from you
2013-12-21 15:58
Millenials? Seriously? Being 30  we're millenials? I thought we were the Generation X (deGeneration X ;) )... man - I need to brush up  on my social terminology :D..
2013-11-17 16:09
yeah i don't love it, but millenial is what we are, apparently. the generation who will never, ever retire.
2014-01-01 14:48
i wanna get you all kinds of naked.... nto all the sexy angels that are burning with pure passionate wingtipped transformation. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57-bBwiIsWU
2013-04-21 06:38
I feel awkward sexting you via email.. but ok!
2013-04-12 03:20
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