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Last online: 2016-11-14
Sex: Male
Age: 19
Height: Five Six
Sign: Goat Fish
Location: Nomad
Occupation: No thanks
Ink/Metal: Ink-8 or 9 Metal 3
Scars/Birthmarks: Left side of my belly, Little Mole
Music: The Acacia Strain, Remembering Never, Chiodos, Waking The Cadaver, Job For A Cowboy, Evergreen Terrace, Forst Blood, All That Remains, .. Etc. Etc.
Movies: The Little Shop Of Horrors, Half baked, The Grinch
Video Games: D.D.R
Food: Veggies, Fruits, Milk and cereal bars,
Best Time: Was drug induced
Fantasy: Rape
Favorite Position: Bent over the bed, Hair pulling, Choke me when i bust
Masturbation Material: My imagination and thrill
I Have A Crush On: No crushes
Perfect Match: not very compatible
First Time: 16
Drink: Yea
Smoke: Yea
Bad Habits: Where do i start
Where I Hang Out: Home
Favorite Burning Angel: Catra
Why I Am A Burning Angel: Becaue im totally down for changing the face of beauty

Oh hey guuh :]
2009-04-08 18:03
oh how cute is this chick? fuckin lovely mouth too. mmmmm, real purdy mouth...
2008-05-14 15:37
I might as well post something, since no one else has the macadamias to say how fly this girl really is. (I say fly to reference the tattoo, but I say hot to reference the beads of sweat on my forehead.) You have a look more powerful than the sound of thunder. (sighs) so smitten...
2008-05-14 08:36
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