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Status: “Hey, thanks so much to everyone who commented on my video. I'm glad y'all liked it and hopefully I will shoot some more boy girl scenes soon.”
Views: 589406
Last online: 2013-01-21
Sex: Couple
Age: 25
Height: shorty shorty
Location: yay area: best coast
Occupation: creep. scud. jew.
Scars/Birthmarks: a tore up elbow, a two inch gash on my right hand and a birthmark on my thigh like a pale constellation, an abstract bicycle hidden between the crows
Music: queerwulf. jay reatard. sex vid. pinky xxx. Richie Cunning. Kendrick Lamar. A$AP Rocky. Azaelia Banks. Iggy Azalia. APB. add/c. sexy. dos tornados. Banner Pilot. Fucked up. Infest. Void. Surrender. Sleep. Jawbreaker. Hey girl. Hooky. Hickey. Allergic to bullshit. Drunken boat. Schoolboy Q. Iamsu. Nas. Bone Thugz. Big Boi. J Cole. Kid Cudi. Los Rakas.Yelawolf. Compulsive gamblers.
TV: Regenesis. Archer. The League.
Movies: mysterious skin. the adventures of sebastian cole. kung fu hustle. american gangster. Death Proof.
Video Games: LoZ:TP
Food: Ferran Adria. Thomas Keller. Grant Achatz. Eric Ripert. etc. etc.
Hobbies: skinning animals. making pies. porch drinking. stoop reading. bar knitting.
Books: One River, The Serpent and the Rainbow, God's Middle Finger: A Journey into the Lawless Heart of the Sierra Madre, Sex At Dawn,Booneville, The Crying of Lot 49, Vineland, The Ethical Slut, Geek Love, Opening Up, Julie/Julia, anything by Christopher Moore or David Sedaris
Best Time: have a good time all the time.
Fantasy: super into the whole me and a bunch of dudes gang bang thing.
Favorite Position: on my knees or yer face between 'em
Masturbation Material: I am a lucky girl. all the folks I fuck are pretty jack off fantasy worthy
I Have A Crush On: jerks and burnouts
Perfect Match: bad people with good palates
Drink: elderflower soda. not really a booze girl.
Smoke: blunted bitch
Bad Habits: too dumb to quit too tough to die.
Where I Hang Out: beaches. woods. under piers. porches. places with fireflies.
Why I Am A Burning Angel: MOB

I forgot what I was going to say because my jaw hit the floor and my eyes dare not decieve me... your one of em... one of those vehicles of love... one of those drops of pure passion turned flesh.
2013-01-22 22:47
Hello Adahlia! Thanks for add. You're beautiful and your tattoos are cool. So you're my favorite and I love you!
2012-11-01 20:25
Really good to see another video
2012-10-30 20:32
so glad youre back miss adahlia =] youre absolutely amazing i love you and your curves.
2012-10-27 05:00
Absolutely amazing! Love creepin' on those sexy pics! Oh and the vids of course! ;)
2012-07-11 05:56
Hi how's it going? thanks for accepting :)
2012-07-10 04:10
whens your next video its been awhile.... your my favorite
2012-02-08 00:48
whens your next video its been awhile.... your my favorite
2012-02-08 00:48
You are so beautiful! I got an account with Burning angel just to watch your videos :)
2011-12-25 12:30
im in love!!
2011-12-20 21:39
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