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Last online: 2011-04-05
Sex: Male
Age: 26
Height: 5'9"
Sign: Sagittarius or Scorpio
Location: Washington DC
Occupation: Student
Ink/Metal: I have 8 Tattoos
Music: Joe Strummer, the beatles, Jazz, Blues, and anything of great quality
TV: Science Chanel, Serenity the show
Movies: Zombie movies, kung fu flicks, and 80s movies
Video Games: Horror, strategy, fighing, and RPGs
Food: always down to try something new, and nothing beats a good sandwitch
Hobbies: Photography, writing, and Wing Tsung Kung Fu
Books: World War Z, Scud, and the Gunslinger
Best Time: I was outside in the rain, and i was fucking my girl friend from behind as she clawed into a tree.
Masturbation Material: internet and imagenation
Perfect Match: I dnt know, because i havent found it yet.
Where I Hang Out: Any place for a good picture
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sorry for the old pic and the illustration. my camera is to good for this site.
2011-03-20 22:47
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