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Last online: 2015-12-16
Name: Veronica Layke
Sex: Female
Age: 24
Height: 5'2
Sign: Leo
Location: San Diego
Occupation: Student
Ink/Metal: Sprinkled with tattoos everywhere ;)
Music: Oldies, swing, blues, rock n' roll, indie
TV: I don't even own one!
Movies: Rocky Horror Picture Show, Grease, V for Vendetta, Drive, 42
Video Games: Fairytale Fights! There's nothing like violence and gore mixed with cute characters.
Food: Vegan Mexican food. YUM! Cookies, cupcakes, I just love food.
Hobbies: Playing the ukelele, surfing, shows, walking my piggie, SEX and more sex :)
Books: Science and anthropology books and articles...The Cosmic Serpent, Why is Sex Fun, People's History of the United States. Comic Books!!! Gotham City Sirens, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Suicide Squad, anything with the Joker.
Best Time: Sooo much sex that it's hard to keep track of it all...Hmm, this one time I fucked a guy on his birthday like he'd never been fucked before. He came so many times he begged me to stop. The next few days his friends couldn't tell if he got attacked by an animal or had wild sex.
Fantasy: Two sexy males that devour me, but only as they are told to do so by another female ;)
Favorite Position: doggie
Masturbation Material: vibratorand a glass dildo
I Have A Crush On: Harrison Ford. He's just so damn sexy! And he plays an archaeologist! Oh and Joseph Gordon-Levitt
First Time: camping!
Drink: cranberry vodka to party and beer to relax :)
Smoke: ocassionally i'll hit a bong
Bad Habits: Reading until the morning, having sex in churches,
Where I Hang Out: The beach and anywhere I can find good music
Favorite Burning Angel: I will soon find out! But Joanna is such a sweetie!
Why I Am A Burning Angel: I like to fuck....A LOT and perform of course.

2015-10-14 19:05
you are amazing
2014-12-02 22:39
Fun girl :D
2014-04-06 06:21
Veronica RULES!
2013-12-12 15:37
You're scene came out really awesome! I love it.
2013-12-08 21:57
@dnothing I'm glad you enjoyed it! Hope you enjoy the next one just as much, if not more ;)
2013-12-13 13:11
Haha.  Thanks for popping my comment cherry.  Don't forget to say hey to me any time you have a chance.  Much love, Veronica Layke.
2013-12-06 16:54
I am the very same person who is a friend of yours on Facebook.  Thomas Bradley, you can find me rather easily.  lol
2013-11-30 15:47
Well... Hello there!  I just wanted to offer my thanks and say that that I look forward to your contributions to Burning Angel. See you around again sometime, okay?  :-)
2013-11-30 14:02
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