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Last online: 2015-09-11
Sex: Female
Age: 22
Height: 5 feet 3 inches
Sign: Cancer but my moon is in Sagittarius and I find that more applicable...
Location: Hollywood
Occupation: Waitress, Caretaker, Adult Industry Officianado
Ink/Metal: Look @ my fucking pictures. And while you're at it - COMMENT!
Scars/Birthmarks: I got kicked by a horse that left a dent/scar/lump disfiguration thingy.
Music: Z-Trip
TV: Avatar, Robot Chicken, and Daria
Movies: Anything with Kevin Spacey, Amelie, What Dreams May Come, No Country for Old Men
Food: Chocolate, Salmon Spread, and Fruit
Hobbies: Sucking penises, fixing pinball machines, juggling, body piercing, partying, kareoke, laughing, reading, drinking water through my nose
Books: Anything by Jack Kerouac, Bukowski, the Founding Fathers, or Gregory Maquire
Best Time: My BF has such a magical cock, I want to share it with all the ladies.
Fantasy: College Professors.
Favorite Position: Jockey & Spoons.
Masturbation Material: Tori Lux.
I Have A Crush On: Juliette Black
Perfect Match: Jeffrey Vegas & Sparky Fett & Juliette Black :D
First Time: While my parents were home in the middle of that creepy movie Return to Oz
Drink: Compari.
Smoke: Ganja!
Bad Habits: That's a secret, teehee.
Where I Hang Out: I've been known to be in San Diego, Los Angeles, or Montreal. Three great cities.
Favorite Burning Angel: Tori Lux.
Why I Am A Burning Angel: I was in the right place at the right time.

i miss sparky with hair T_T, nice new scene btw
2013-03-06 14:58
Can't wait for more in '13! Awesome work Sparks!
2013-02-03 22:32
You know, one of these days we should actually shake hands or hug or something like that. haha
2012-06-14 18:56
I don't know what it is about you but it just turns me on like gingers turn on white trash.
2012-06-09 23:47
Just watched some of your videos as a special treatment for my feelings of nipplemania I got from watching your latest pic set :) and guess what happened, now I turned into a true Sparkymaniac ;) and love that feeling even more :D
2012-04-11 19:13
Hey Sweets, just wanted to pop on and say thanks for the add, keep on being so fuckably awesome.
2012-03-19 09:29
You are quite possibly the most adorable thing EVAR.
2012-01-11 01:18
it is just awesome to watch your personal and sexual evolution here and on Kink.com sites. I hope we get to keep watching for a while to Come Sparkey.
2011-09-20 12:22
Hello Sparky thank to add ... kisses ^^
2011-09-11 15:32
2011-09-11 15:32
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