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Status: “Sexy and Awesome”
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Last online: 2017-02-02
Name: Sheridan Love
Sex: Yes please
Age: 29
Height: 5'0
Sign: Libra
Location: Las Vegas
Occupation: Porn Star
Ink/Metal: Ink on bicep, lower and upper back, more to come. Metal in nipples, clitoral hood, a monroe, nose
Scars/Birthmarks: Scar on bridge of nose, and a tummy tuck scar getting covered by ink soon
Music: All rock music
Movies: The Labrynth, Horror movies and hardcore porn
Video Games: Guitar Hero, Mortal Kombat
Food: Italian, Sushi, Mexican
Hobbies: Concerts, Topless Bars, Hockey and Porn!
Books: Anything Stephen King
Fantasy: The more the merrier
Favorite Position: Cowgirl, Doggy, On my knees
Masturbation Material: DP, Big toys, Cumshots and Creampies
I Have A Crush On: Female Rock Singers, Draven Starr, Joanna Angel
Perfect Match: Me and Draven
Drink: Vodka and cranberry
Smoke: I quit 6 years ago
Bad Habits: I play with my boobs and masturbate a lot but is that really all that bad?
Where I Hang Out: Anywhere! It's Vegas Baby!!
Favorite Burning Angel: Jessie Lee, Draven Starr, Joanna Angel
Why I Am A Burning Angel: Because I share the mentality of the BA Crew. LOVE THEM!!!

2014-09-28 09:00
A veritable force of gorgeousness and sensuality rolled up into one beautiful package ready to keep any heart in proper shape. Does that sum up your beauty? Perhaps closely. I don't think words could truly define because it might take pages and pages worth to truly scratch the surface. For now, however, the words fit true as my heart keeps up the cardio any time I even think about your beauty.
2014-08-18 10:44
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