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Last online: 2016-05-01
Sex: Female
Age: 22
Height: 5'6
Sign: The intense and twisted Scorpio
Location: B-town, Wisconsin
Occupation: I have a full time job loving dinos
Ink/Metal: Alot more ink to come. Currently I have a beautiful chest piece, kawaii on my inner bottom lip, a heart between my thumb and pointer on my left hand, gay pride flag on right wrist, chinese astrology inspired tattoo on right foot (which is not finished yet), sonic the hedgehog behind right ear, and cute lil dark angel boy with fat stummy on my mons pubis. I call him the dark side to a sweet moment. As for metal: It changes all the time and goes in and out. Currently I have a 0g septum, vertical labret, tongue, surface to surface on both sides of face, cartilage on both upper ears, navel and one ear is gauged to an inch while the other is behind at a half inch due to a horribly funny skateboarding incident.
Scars/Birthmarks: I have a birthmark on my upper right thigh. As for scars most of them are self done, except for two cancerous moles that had to be removed that left scars. One is under my left breast and the other near my vagina. Got to love being French!
Music: I have a wide range of interest in music but I mostly listen to cabaret, acoustic and post-hardcore. I also like supporting local bands.
TV: I do not enjoy watching tv, other than cartoons/adult swim and discovery channel.
Movies: Mostly anime/japanese, independent films, and horror.
Video Games: I kick it old school, I love my Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega and Atari. I am a bit of a nerd.
Food: I am a vegetarian that eats fish but only raw fish so label me what you will. I enjoy veggies, tofu, hummus, fruits and of course candy! I also drink alot and I mean alot of coffee and tea.
Hobbies: Drawing, airbrushing, playing with my boys (aka my American Pitbull Terriers), reading, watching anime, playing video games, being random, eating candy oh man the list is endless
Books: I read anything I can get my hands on,
Best Time: My best time is going to be with a girl that I have been head over heels for along time. I just have a feeling.
Fantasy: Joanna made my all time fantasy to be double penetrated come true!!! She was my porno fairy godmother ^_^
Favorite Position: I do not like to stay in one position so this question is not for me. I can say I love to be dominated and I love having all my holes filled.
Masturbation Material: Honestly I use alot of random objects to masterbate with, but of course I have toys as well as fingers!
I Have A Crush On: a pretty little girl named Nicole <3 and Sofi
Perfect Match: Someone who can keep up with me at chess hehe or someone supportive and open sexually.
Drink: Vodka or dark beer like guinness yummy
Smoke: I try not to but hey quitters never win right?
Bad Habits: Falling for unattainable people
Where I Hang Out: In girls panties
Favorite Burning Angel: I have a crush on Sofi Von Doom and oddly where she lives and my hometown are only 35-40 min from eachother.
Why I Am A Burning Angel: I am kinky, dirty and passionate about life.I love expressing my sexuality and being able to have sexual experiences with people who understand!

Ufff BB ......are beautiful ......sexy and hot ......i loved ........kisesss ...for you ....!!!
2014-08-19 17:34
You love anime, you're beautiful and you're from Wisconsin? Yep you're my new favorite Burning Angel! I'm from the edge of Walworth County and Waukesha County by the way!
2014-08-04 01:25
I love your videos! I love the Burning Angels I have things in common with. At first it was that you like Anime but now after reading these comments I learn your from Wisconsin like me too! You are officially my favorite!
2014-08-04 01:14
Nature blessed these eyes with the intrinsically beautiful you, bound by no rules and beyond any simplistic syllables that could dare attempt to cover the warm smile, hypnotically seductive eyes, and elegant canvas by which art adorns masterpiece.
2014-07-30 08:54
Just wanna say you are definitely a favorite, and your scenes are righteous and hot!
2013-07-27 23:37
any new scenes of you going to be up soon? Need me a fix of Severin ass sex!
2013-02-12 13:22
we need to do a video together. youre gorgeous and i miss you!! xoxoxo
2013-02-04 21:46
I lost your number girl. Email me it? [email protected] I miss you too!!!! XOXO
2013-02-11 20:48
Text me girl. Lost your number. <3
2014-01-20 02:43
You are my current girl crush.
2013-01-31 02:56
LA started out rough, but now it's starting to be everything I wanted it to be... so it's good. Hopefully next time you shoot I'll have a car so we can hang out.
2012-11-16 23:24
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