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Last online: 2011-10-23
Sex: Male
Age: 28
Height: 5'9
Sign: Gemini
Location: Everywhere all the time!
Occupation: Lucky Fucker
Ink/Metal: I have a few Tattoo's
Scars/Birthmarks: Had a few knocks & bumps
Music: Drum & Bass, Break Beat, Dirty Electro, Synth, Bassline, Dubstep, Old School Hip Hop, Rap & Reggae
TV: Never watch it!
Movies: Scarface, Goodfellas, Casino, Pulp Fiction... Forrest Gump?
Video Games: Call of Duty, Fallout 3, Grand Theft Auto, FIFA 10...
Food: Steak & Mash, Pie & Mash, Chicken & Mash... Anything with mash potatoes and lots of thick gravy! Oh and good old English Sunday Roast!
Hobbies: Sexing pretty girls & playing computer games! Cool if I can do it at the same time!
Books: The Celestine Prophecy
Best Time: Lots of best times, mostly envolving giving girls orgasms.. does it for me!
Fantasy: Im living it.. Neeh neeh! :P
Favorite Position: Cowgirl, gets the trivector of woman bits in my face, hands & on my dick!
Masturbation Material: Lots of memories!
I Have A Crush On: Every girl.. All of YOU! All at the same time! :D
Perfect Match: I want a hareem so I dont have to just pick one!
Drink: Gin
Smoke: Not anymore
Bad Habits: Hate washing up and will never remember your birthday!
Where I Hang Out: Where ever?
Favorite Burning Angel: TBC

Seriously hot guy :3 Makes me wish I'd taken the chance to shoot for BA years ago...
2015-10-21 23:29
nice guy
2014-04-01 02:40
2012-03-31 03:27
Keni, I wanna see more of you on here ;)
2011-06-19 19:55
Keni! I can't wait for our date/sleepover this summer.
X's and O-rgasms
2011-04-30 20:09
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