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Last online: 2015-09-14
Name: Judas
Sex: Female
Age: 23
Height: 5'2
Occupation: Exploited Whore
Music: Judas Priest,Slayer,Black Sabbath,Metallica,The Doors,The Misfits,Marilyn Mason,The Smiths,Joy Division,Skinny Puppy,Depeche Mode,The Cure,Sleep,Neurosis,Ministry,Lustmord,Agalloch,Burzum,Rammstein,Behemoth, and many more!!!!
Movies: Holy Mountain,All Hell Raiser Movies,Human Centipede,American Psycho,John Dies at The End,Natural Born Killers,The Lords of Salem,The Ninth Gate,Videodrome,Salo,The Nightmare on Elm St films, Halloween Films, Friday the 13th films,Rosemary's Baby
Video Games: Zelda,Super Mario,Call of Duty Black Ops II,Minecraft,Doom,Mortal Kombat,Destiny,Batman,The Evil Within,The Last of Us, Assassins Creed and many more!!!!
Best Time: ALL THE TIME!
Favorite Position: ANY AND ALL
Where I Hang Out: In your ass hole,down your piss hole.
Why I Am A Burning Angel: A proud whore, takes any opportunity to be exploited to the world. Takes any chance to be the attention of such filth and sin. And I am indeed one Proud Whore! To heat all such stranger's genitals with my slutty little holes.
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Wild. the best.
2015-03-25 06:27
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