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Status: “Finally back at work full time, got two shows coming up next month, and Oi Polloi are coming to funkys in july?! Now if I just shake this cold life wi”
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Last online: 2012-06-19
Sex: Male
Age: 20
Height: 5'11
Sign: Virgo
Location: East Van
Occupation: Hazmat
Ink/Metal: Ink: Both shoulders, left arm, right calf. Metal: labret, both ears, bridge soon.
Scars/Birthmarks: I was born with an anus where my mouth was supposed to be
Music: Oi! Ska and Punk
TV: Don't dig on cable
Movies: Natural born killers, Bronson, This Is England, A Clockwork Orange, Spun... Anything to do with junkies, psychos, bad asses, or killers really.
Video Games: LoZ - ooc, saints row (2 and the ridiculous third) Fallout 3 and New Vegas, Skyrim.
Food: Anything living
Hobbies: Work early, get home late, pretend I can do vocals in a band.
Books: Anything by Chris Walter, Chuck Palahniuk, or Irvine Welsh
Best Time: This one time after some illicit recreational substances were ingested...
Fantasy: a personal harem connected to an opium den
Favorite Position: The one with the penetration
Masturbation Material: Why else would I have an account here?
I Have A Crush On: This girl I've been with for the last few years
Perfect Match: Myself and a six pack of alexander keith
Drink: anything
Smoke: Yerp
Bad Habits: The list drags on
Where I Hang Out: Wherever there are some good tunes, good friends, and cheap intoxicants
Favorite Burning Angel: They're all dandy
Why I Am A Burning Angel: crackcrackcrackcrackcrackcrackcrackcrack

I'm not comic enthusiast, but the Sandman series was amazing! The softcover collections are the way to go, however, I kinda wish I would have shelled out the extra cash to get the hardcover versions.
2012-05-30 14:55
aw well thanks...it was a lot of fun!
2012-05-30 02:12
I thought 'Sandman' was definitely worth the hype, yes, but that doesn't necessarily mean it'll appeal to all tastes. To my mind, it was an incredible achievement in comic storytelling, but you really have to invest in it and read the entire series to get the payoff. If your girlfriend liked Death, I think she'll love Sandman. You could always buy the softcover collections for her; they'd make great, inexpensive gifts, and you'd be able to read them too and decide for yourself if all the hoopla was warranted... :)
2012-05-29 23:28
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