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Bad Boy Eddie

Erik Everhard is one of my top, fave blokes.  His totally rock hard blond body is so
fucking sexy, I can get hard just looking at him.  His energy and enthusiasm are amazing; when
you watch him fuck pussy or ass he is SO INTO IT.  Erik is not acting, he's FUCKING and I cannot
watch him power fuck some woman's asshole without my own hole twitching madly, desperate
for his huge fat cock to be deep inside ME. 
 I know he's probably getting a
bit old for porn and that dude who circumcised his cock should be served with a
lawsuit -- but even Erik's scarred, two-tone cock is dead sexy.  Probably because it is so big!  But his ass is tight, his body is hot, his
feet are nice and big (and he's barefooted in lots of his scenes and those sexy
feet they always seem to get nice and dirty -- and that makes my tongue itch)
and he knows how to fuck.  I want more....

2015-02-26 00:12
Handsome guy with a straight penis :D
2014-03-28 11:55
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