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Status: “Squeal like a pig!!! ”
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Last online: 2013-08-24
Sex: Male
Age: damonjames.com
Height: 5'11
Location: Hollyweird
Occupation: Veruca James' partner in crime.
Ink/Metal: Lots.
Scars/Birthmarks: My tattoos cover all the cool ones. Boooo.
Music: The murder city devils, Mike Ness, Misfits, The Distillers, At the drive in, The clash, The Stooges, At the drive in, Tiger Army, Every time I die, Ramones, Black flag, Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf, Chuck berry, Sam cooke, Otis rush, Portishead, Beats antique...
TV: Californication, LOST, Louie, Sunny, Tosh.O, Arrested development, Walking Dead.
Movies: I wil watch Tommy boy every single time it's on. Even if I just watched it.
Video Games: I'm terrible at them.
Food: Sushi, tacos and burritos, weird gastro pubs, NYC pizza. Kuma's Corner!!!
Hobbies: Trouble.
Books: The older I get the less I read. Sad. But I love Hunter S Thompson, Craig Clevenger, Irvine Welsh, Chuck Palahniuk and Charles Bukowski. How typical.
Best Time: In public.
Fantasy: I pretty much live it.
Masturbation Material: Your mom.
I Have A Crush On: What am I 12???
Perfect Match: A chorizo burrito.
Drink: When in Rome we shall do as the Romans, when in Hell we'll do shots at the bar.
Smoke: I don't need any more vices.
Bad Habits: Falling asleep in weird places, cursing at children and their retarded parents, taking my pants off in public and probably drinking too much.
Where I Hang Out: My pool or wherever has free lunch.
Favorite Burning Angel: Veruca, Kleio, Draven, Jessie Lee, Krysta, Azrael, Maven, Catra, Andy San Dimas, Moretta, Asphyxia, Skin and most importantly Joanna.

Happy birthday!
2013-01-26 16:43
I will nominate you for something after you let me bang your butt!
2012-12-02 22:02
awesome! i hope u got blowjobs the whole way there and knowing veruca you probably did and this is y we love her xo
2012-06-02 13:12
awesome! i hope u got blowjobs the whole way there and knowing veruca you probably did and this is y we love her xo
2012-06-02 13:11
morning to night whiskey shots again soon!! please!!!!! xo miss u guys!
2012-05-23 16:45
Fat man in a little coat... fat man in a littttllleeee coat.
2012-04-30 23:14
There is more to the story actually. The son called first to make sure the order went through explaining it was a gift from his mom!
2012-04-27 14:27
She's great! Battling teething right now though, they are all popping out now. Which is good, get this shit over with already :] Thats awesome for you guys though, im sure it will be lots of fun...Well i await you guys move to NYC, we will finally be able to chill ^.^
2012-03-10 14:30
Damn man, i love Jameson so that makes me want that shit even more. Doesnt Chicago have bacon fest? Because if so i would love to go for that reason. Thats cool you guys are saving for the big move. I think you guys will love it. Ive been great, doing the mommy thing and shooting here and there. Enjoying life, waiting for it to be WARM ALREADY!!! Hopefully over the course of the years you guys will settle in NYC, would love to finally meet you both ^.^
2012-03-07 11:14
Where do you get this said Jameson icecream sir????!?!?!?

::rubs chin::

Hope you and zee woman are well ^.^
2012-03-06 19:16
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