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Status: “I think pole dancing makes me tits smaller :(”
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Last online: 2013-10-02
Sex: Female
Age: 21
Sign: Cancer
Location: Los Angeles
Occupation: um.....
Ink/Metal: I know you want to see more..........Ink: These atoms on my chest, and stars on each sides of my face. Its very clutch for me to get more. Way more! metal: * My lip is pierced along with my ears and tounge. I very much need to get more piercings. I don't know where though.
Music: Daft punk, Tiesto, lots and lots of Coheed and Cambria, Adam x, Porcelain and the tramps, Prodigy, Peaches, Lords of acid, Nine inch Nails, Dj caffeine, Dj mert, Catsu, Scars like Ours, The beatles (of course), Lots of techno and electronic music. <--- It makes me very happy.
TV: tv rots your mind.
Movies: Casino, Pulp Fiction, Good Fellas, Party monster, Harold and Kumar go to white castle.
Video Games: none i refuse >:)
Food: depends on the type of munchies i have ^_^
Hobbies: Working on becoming more Fabulous ^_^
Books: As it is! By tony parsons!
Best Time: i have a lot of best times don't think i have enough energy to get them all down. >;p
Fantasy: Something probably too dark to for your minds. Lets just say something twisted!
Favorite Position: One that involves a Lot of contact! I like to be pressed against the body hard and with passion.
Masturbation Material: BOB my battery operated buddy
I Have A Crush On: No Crush on anyone. I am the One to be crushed on!
Perfect Match: someone who can handle Crazy.
First Time: It went down? Well it sure wasn't the best experience I ever had..... It was wierd and strang. I thought I would turn completly gay.(kinda did)
Drink: Oh yes I do!
Smoke: very much so, cigarettes are gross tho.
Bad Habits: im kinda loud. (no volume control)
Where I Hang Out: everywhere lol
Favorite Burning Angel: roxy (damn she fine) I mean Holy cow!
Why I Am A Burning Angel: To show you my pussy, like the raunchy angel i am.

She must be the real version of "Faith" from Mirror's Edge
2014-03-25 05:06
haha brilliant, that's spot on
2014-05-21 22:04
be sure to duck them arrows.. happy valentines day
2014-02-14 14:04
love asphyxia so hott
2014-02-01 03:26
2013-12-30 21:48
Always love Asphyxia Noir
2013-09-07 17:08
really hot girl indeed!
2013-08-20 05:55
Dw Asphyxia i find you the most attractive lady in this realm EVER!! Perfect sized boobs nice curves all over purrty eyes you defined a living goddess

seen your kassam g video going deep pretty funny :P

looking forward to more of your bodily art

Much Love

P.S hope to meet you someday :)
2013-03-04 12:41
Congrats on the avn award ;)
2013-01-22 09:56
You have the most beautiful body and such a gorgeous face
2012-05-10 10:31
you make my heart sing
2012-03-29 06:47
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