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Status: “punk rock boy in my mouth”
Views: 322241
Last online: 2015-11-30
Sex: Female
Age: 23
Height: 5'4
Sign: pisces
Location: California
Occupation: hustla
Ink/Metal: peircings: septum, nostrils, tragus, marylin, industrial, half inch ears Tattoos: lots and more to come
Scars/Birthmarks: some scars
Music: the dresden dolls, misfits, bikini kill, iggy pop, tom waits, peaches, the knife, trash talk, youth brigade, edith piaff, velvet underground, nick cave, rasputina, subhumans, henry rollins, rolling stones, the doors, distillers, hole, babes in toyland, mirah, metric, jolie holland, agent orange, L7, NWA, Buck 65, atmosphere, clorox girls,etc.
TV: six feet under, buffy the vampire slayer, true blood, family guy
Movies: pinkey violence films, oldboy, the tenant, rosemary's baby, ghost world, pulp fiction, harold and maude, le roi de coeur, pan's labyrinth, slacker, etc.
Video Games: nope
Food: sushi, oysters
Hobbies: making porn, painting, missing people I have never met, comic books, dancing (not very good at it though), arts and crafts, making fun of people, running away, writing bad poetry, changing out with my cats, museums, swimming in dirty lakes, singing tone deaf in the car.
Books: geek love, albert camus, joyce carol oates, james joyce, jd salinger, simone de beauvoir, susie bright, francesca lia block, satre, paradise lost, wuthering heights, lovecraft, anne sexton, langston hughes, david sedaris, neruda, the fall, middlesex, henry miller, anais nin, invisible monsters etc.
Best Time: all of the times
Fantasy: choking, couple BA girls, in a classroom, lots of spanking
Favorite Position: all of them
Masturbation Material: BA and good erotica (yup I masturbate while reading)
I Have A Crush On: spock
Perfect Match: so far my cat
Drink: whiskey
Smoke: spliffs
Bad Habits: stalking people, stoner
Where I Hang Out: places
Favorite Burning Angel: Akira Raine, Tori Lux, Krysta Kaos, Draven, BellaVendetta
Why I Am A Burning Angel: what's hotter than getting fucked on camera and having people masturbate to you?

I really like her
2017-03-02 22:50
More Arabelle PLEASE
2016-01-03 20:51
happy valentines day
2014-02-14 14:01
What I wouldn't give ...
2014-01-25 11:28
Love "In The Darkroom", YOU WERE AWESOME!
2013-11-04 14:38
i dont think revenge fits here.. i just love and go without..... so far... what a wild form of karma.. inflicted will upon the sources of love... your amazing.  make me a sleeping pillow.
2013-07-11 02:50
My boobs are awesome pillows
2013-07-19 12:51
i wanna cuddle!!!!
2013-11-03 18:07
and i want your number... !!!
2013-11-03 19:29
You are too damn gorgeous :)
2013-05-27 20:16
thank you!
2013-07-19 12:51
2013-02-24 03:17
Hi I love you cocksucker
2013-02-02 14:16
Great show last night! THanks for the fun!
2012-09-21 13:13
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