Rizzo Gagged and Edged

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Video Description: Petite punk Rizzo Ford waited patiently while ball-gagged to submit to Seth Gamble's dick as he paced the room. Dressed in a black lace up corset with body stockings stretched over her cute round booty, she offered him a sloppy suck, long strands of saliva dripping from her mouth. Seth demanded the oral pleasure of his member until she begged for it - she'd be his filthy little whore! He turned her over and pounded her doggy style, shoving panties in her mouth as she whimpered and moaned in ecstasy. Rizzo loved the feeling of being restrained and controlled while her ass bounced off his cock. Seth deprived her of orgasms while she rode him, making her cry out in agony while just on the edge of sweaty bliss! She enjoys taking the abuse and being slapped around. She's such a good sub, she thanked him for the cum on her heels and allowing her to lick it all up!

Rizzo is VERY quickly becoming my favorite angel.
2014-12-21 05:46
J Mo
Rizzo is pretty damn awesome.
2014-12-19 10:03
Very nice.  But damn if this ain't rather rapacious.
2014-12-13 17:59
2014-12-11 13:36
Looking forward to this.
2014-12-11 04:39
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