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Video Description: Welcome back, Proxy! She was in California for a few hours on a layover and came by for a visit - with her bouncy pink pigtails, short shorts, and her thick, juicy ass! The Amsterdam life is treating her well. She told of how TSA searched her bags 'randomly' and found her GIANT sex toys, which she pulled out to show us like Mary Poppins. Both Tommy and I were amazed, and wanted to see those put to work in person: thus began the anal excursion in my living room. She fisted and gaped her own ass, Tommy fisted and fucked her ass, and I watched in awe as this happened on my couch. I love it when Proxy comes to town.

2016-02-04 11:53
This girl just got ass fisted. I think I'm in love !!
2015-09-27 01:57
good god. this is just...lets hope for cheap single payer health insurance 30 years from now.
2015-09-26 15:11
DJ ThunderGod
If she stays in Holland, she'll be fine.  They have free-at-point-of-service health care with everything paid for by something similar to the National Insurance we have here in the UK.  Everybody pays when you earn above a certain amount, and it's a percentage of your wages.
2015-11-28 18:01
The same thing happend to me and a friend - we were flying to vienna to visit a friend and bought a the airport in Stuttgart (there's a Sexshop) a huge dildo as a present. I was going to the security-check with this dildo in my bag and when the bag go through the x-ray you could perfectly see the huge thing on the screen. And the screen placed that the waiting line behind us had a good view! It was awesome! :D
2015-09-26 07:39
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