Killer Kleavage From Outer Space - Episode 1

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Video Description: The inhabitants of planet Areola are quickly becoming extinct, and one Earth penis could save them all. Not just any penis - a perfect penis. Experimentation with an imperfect penis WILL result in deadly tit-lasers. With Areola's impending doom, Captain Sheridan knew she must send Jessie Lee to complete the mission. Why Jessie? ...Well, because she likes dick a lot. Surely this Earth human male, Seth Gamble of Tarzana, at this bar establishment would never lie about having the perfect penis. What kind of guy lies about his cock?

YESSSSS i've been waiting since we shot this scene to see the lasers!!!! bahahaha
2015-02-07 21:47
PhD in Analogy
I just became a member yesterday because of Jessie Lee and She made a new video at the same day. Lucky me YAY!
2015-02-07 03:14
YES! So much YES!
2015-02-05 16:39
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