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Last online: 2016-05-01
Name: Veronica Rose
Sex: Female
Age: 24
Height: A staggering 5 foot 2 inches
Sign: Cancer
Location: Florida
Occupation: Hair stylist/bartender
Ink/Metal: So many, I've stopped counting
Music: Everything but country
Food: Anything vegetarian, put it in front of me and I'll eat it.
Hobbies: Dancing, Cooking, Shopping, Looking at/Petting/Cuddling animals
Best Time: Being tied up to a dudes bed the first time we had sex. Lots of spanking and breath play, it was great.
Fantasy: Way too many fantasies
Favorite Position: Doggy (I enjoy being spanked way too much in this position)
Masturbation Material: Lots of girl on girl, DP, squirting, and threesomes
Perfect Match: Someone just like me
Bad Habits: My foul mouth
Where I Hang Out: Catch me on couch during days off, I'll be here all day
Favorite Burning Angel: Arabelle, Adahlia, Kleio, basically all you hot babes.
Why I Am A Burning Angel: I love everything about BA and I've always wanted to be an angel. I get such an amazing feeling of comfort and camaraderie whenever I'm around you guys<3

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Rating: 85 Views: 2773 Length: 00:22:49 Date added: 2016-04-30
Rating: 10 Views: 480 Length: 00:09:48 Date added: 2016-04-26
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Veronica you are getting better and better. Thanks for showing us your beautiful body, your tats, your perfection. HOT!
2015-12-01 15:32
What a beautiful specimen! I would bathe every inch of your body with my tongue Miss Rose!
2015-11-22 23:14
Got a trial membership just to see your DP video.  I came so hard.  It was worth it
2015-10-21 02:29
2015-11-08 17:30
Veronica, You are the main reason I subscribed to BA, and had to say that I really love watching your all-tattoeed-perfect being.  Thanks for sharing your gorgeousness. Be cool!
2015-08-19 21:33
Can we have a new hot scene with Veronica? PLEASE!
2014-11-17 01:58
PLEASE ADD MORE OF THIS GIRL PLEEEEEAAAAAAASEEEEEE. I wrote that in caps because she makes my dick bigger...
2014-11-09 10:17
2014-03-26 02:08
We need more of you sooooon
2013-04-01 00:16
I'm your fan. You're so beautiful and so hot, I love you!
2012-09-10 15:20
I've seen double posts, but a penta-post? that's a new record.
2012-04-02 22:03
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