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Status: “Don't buy drugs. Become a pornstar and they'll give them to you for free!”
Views: 421474
Last online: 2014-08-27
Sex: Female
Age: 25
Sign: leo :hisss: :prrr:
Location: oakland
Occupation: tart
Ink/Metal: most tattoos done by the folks of american made tattoo and psycho city tattoo.
Music: Slayer, Distillers, Alice Cooper, Striborg, Digitalism, Smashing Pumpkins, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Mika Miko, Bikini Kill, Nirvana, Propaghandi, Against Me!, Nofx, Spinnerette, Santogold, Heartsrevolution, Crystal Castles, Cursive, Go Sailor, The Good Life, Hellbastard, Gorgoroth, Neurosis, Allergic to Bullshit, The Gossip, Gallows, Wavves, Trancelike Void, Scarling, A Perfect Circle, Tool, lots and lots and lots.
Movies: Inglourious Basterds, Eraserhead, Cannibal Holocaust, Star Wars Trilogy, Hook, The Neverending Story, Labyrinth
Video Games: Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Super Mario Brothers, Tomb Raider III, Itchy and Scratchy for sega game gear
Food: Thai, sushi, home cookin
Hobbies: sex, reading, masturbating, painting, drawing, being a creep.
Books: cunt: a declaration of independence, catcher in the rye, the ethical slut, fag hag, real live nude girl, aphrodites daughters, the brothers grimm collection, pretty much all palahniuk, killing yourself to live, all baudelaire poetry, prozac nation, a short history of nearly everything, the divine comedy, boy meets boy, quiet days in clichy, kurt cobain's journals, walden, the handmaids tale, the miracle of mindfulness, feminism is for everybody, understanding comics, sex drugs and cocoa puffs, and about a billion other half-read books that sit on my shelf.
Fantasy: I've got so many...when the perfect balance of sweetness and abuse are incorporated together during sex
Favorite Position: doggy style + fishhook, anal (though its not really a position), pressed up against one another any way that feels feverishly urgent and passionate...and timing is everything.
Masturbation Material: I don't really think of anything specific, my imagination kind of creates whatever's appropriate at the time.
I Have A Crush On: Lots of girls, fewer guys.
Drink: Water, coconut water, sparkling water (see a pattern here?)
Smoke: I dont.
Bad Habits: I'm a dick and i dont hide it when I think someone's an idiot
Where I Hang Out: In the magical, warm and celestial yet dirty uterus that is Oakland
Favorite Burning Angel: nate liquor
Why I Am A Burning Angel: Cause Im a creep and I like to expose myself to strangers.

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Oh yeah, T Luxe....you a gangstra. annnd we miss you
2014-06-27 15:03
I love the distillers too!
2014-03-13 22:44
After a few years in Ohio, I'm setting my sights west. I sure hope I run into again very soon regardless ;)
2013-04-11 19:16
I'm sick of being poor and stressed. I'm moving back for a year or two so I can save up and relax. haha
2013-03-19 19:29
I'm going back to Ohio. Is that weird?
2013-03-16 21:24
love you whore bag
2013-02-21 22:05
Hey Sweetheart! You're so beautiful and sexy... You make me crazy! So I'm in Love...
2012-11-15 16:03
So many amazing videos and pic sets... one even was released on my birthday... couldn't think of any better present ;) Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! Only joy, happiness and lots of sexy moments throughout the coming year 2012 =)
2011-12-21 22:49
Can I nom on you please??
2011-12-09 02:56
k, so i was looking through your wish list on amazon and it gave me a pretty good laugh, lip gloss, nail polish, Rosetta stone Francais more make-up, then pork rinds ahahah
2011-11-07 01:44
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