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Status: “Wild sex demoness”
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Last online: 2016-07-24
Name: Jenevieve Hexxx
Sex: Fairy witch Female
Height: 5'3
Sign: Cancer
Location: Las Vegas Sin city
Occupation: Witchy woman pornstar, Sex goddess from the darkside of the moon, Snake charming dancing slut!
Ink/Metal: Tatted up with magick symbols and crazy serpents......Pierced from my top lip to my pussy lips
Scars/Birthmarks: Just love bites from vampires.......
Music: Heavy Metal vixen, Rocker chick, Hippy classic rock, Punk Rock beast,Dark wave Goth Girl
TV: Noooo T.V for wild Fairy's it hurts our soul and heads.
Movies: Mists Of Avalon! The goddess is alive and Magick is Afoot!
Video Games: Hell noooooooo
Food: Raw kale chips and Cacao! Hippy greens from a tree! And Vodka!!
Hobbies: Sex, Snake charming, Contortion,Burlesque,Hot chicks,Magick, Hugging Trees, Biker bars,Yoga,Flying on my broom....
Books: Crowley, Carlos Castenada,Florence Donner the Sorcerer's crossing, kali's Odiyya,Sexual Secrets...
Best Time: Orgy's!!!!! mmmmmm
Fantasy: All my fantasy's are reality. ;) I would like to watch whatever man I'm with pound other girls more often and suck his dick together. oh I fantasize I can deepthroat without gagging!
Favorite Position: I'm a belly and snake dancer so I like to get on top and writhe around and charm the snake...
Masturbation Material: Other girls!!! Porn, dildos and voyeurism...I fucking love to watch!
I Have A Crush On: Joanna Angel Haha. I'm also hot for the other Angels I just met that I did yoga with in the Dressing room....more orgy's Lol
Perfect Match: Demon Lovers
First Time: I was about 11, I used to play with my friends in the basement of my house and give the other girls orgasms. I was a little slut for the girls...;)
Drink: Kettle One and alkaline water. mmmmm
Smoke: noooooooo
Bad Habits: I'm a dark sorceress....my bad habits are really really goooood!
Where I Hang Out: Biker bars, Dive bars, Punk Rock bars, goth clubs to dance into oblivion. oh I also hang out in several of my favorite trees! Ans my favorite magick queendome...SEDONA AZ!
Favorite Burning Angel: Have to go with my first sex scene angel.....I'm still horny from that...
Why I Am A Burning Angel: Because I'm on Fire and us dark Angels must stick together....oh and fuck alot and be slutty together too. We are Tattooed bad ass goddess's and I love them! Girl power!!! Wooo

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