Shredding Across Canada Tour!

2011-08-24 21:00
2011-09-18 04:00
CANADA - All over!

BurningAngel is the proud sponsor of the SHREDDING ACROSS CANADA TOUR! Because we love thy neighbor...Canada. We love our Canadian fans. And we love the fact that there's some awesome hardcore music comin' through there! So check out the dates if you live in the world's 2nd largest country (bigger is better!) and go see Beheading of a King, A Sight for Sewn Eyes and headliner Fall in Archaea!!! Dates range from 08/24 kicking off in Toronot thru 09/17, ending in Vancouver. For more info on the tour, CLICK HERE!
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1 comment

looking forward to the winnipeg show, that ellice theatre is only a block from my place. there is a deaf drunk stumble home in my near future!!
2011-08-04 00:40